Effortless Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Harness the power of Parsee for intelligent document processing (IDP) like data extraction and sentiment analysis. All major document types (PDF, HTML, Email, Image) supported. No coding required, just streamlined, efficient document data aggregation. Elevate your operations with SimFin.

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Intelligent Parsing of Your Documents


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Maximize efficiency with streamlined data extraction

Discover the power of Parsee's meticulously curated data extraction processes, rigorously vetted for unparalleled accuracy. Our platform offers seamless document analysis and effortless application integration. Effortlessly extract text, tables, values and sentiment to supercharge your document data management. Successfully applied to over 250k documents and millions of pages.

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    Text, Tables, Images

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    Custom Classification Models

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    On-Premise available

The Data Extraction Trinity


Capture Documents via OCR

Capture every critical detail from a variety of sources—PDF, HTML, Email, or Image—ensuring no valuable data point goes unnoticed.


Clarify Data Validity

Transform raw, unstructured data into actionable insights with unparalleled precision, using either LLMs or tailor-made ML modules.


Data Transformation for all Platforms

Easily adapt your data for multiple applications and platforms, with seamless conversion to formats like CSV, Excel, or JSON.

Key features that set us apart

Unlock the full potential of intelligent document processing with our cutting-edge features. Start right away with no dataset required, enjoy smart classification with LLMs, achieve effortless data correction, and experience tailored precision at lower costs.

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No labeling required
No Initial Labeling
Begin your data extraction journey immediately without the hassle of creating an initial dataset—a step most of our competitors require.
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Zero-Shot Classification
Harness the power of Language Learning Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT for instant, user-prompted classification without any prior training.
Custom Labeling
Integrated Labeling Tool
Effortless Data Correction - Our built-in labeling tool allows you to easily review and make corrections to the model's classifications, ensuring data accuracy.
Custom Model Training
Custom Model Training
Utilize our integrated feedback loop for custom model training. Achieve cost-effective and precise results as your dataset grows, with LLMs aiding in initial dataset creation.

How to extract data from PDF documents with Parsee

Invoice PDF Extractor Tutorial Video

In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the seamless process of extracting essential invoice data using SimFin's Document Data Online Extraction Tool. Learn how to easily upload documents and extract information using our user-friendly interface.

Optimize Your Daily Workflow with Smart Data Extraction

Preperatory Accounting - Invoice scan


Speed up preperatory accounting tasks
Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) streamlines the capture and export of diverse invoices, minimizing errors and speeding up internal accounting processes.
Consulting in Finance

Legal & Finance

Financial Data Analysis in consultancy firms
Consultants employ data extraction technologies to sort, check, and archive heterogeneous financial reports, freeing up time for in-depth analysis and consultation.
Logistic - Delivery Note


Digitization of delivery notes
Logistics companies leverage IDP to quickly digitize handwritten delivery notes, enabling real-time shipment tracking and timely invoicing.
Documents in health system


Document capture in healthcare
Health insurers use IDP to efficiently digitize, structure, and validate a variety of billing documents, reducing error rates and increasing efficiency.
IDP for sentiment Analysis in Media & News

News & Media

Semantic Analysis of News Reports
Media monitoring companies utilize IDP for real-time semantic analysis of news articles, providing valuable insights into brand and product media presence.
Claims Processing of Insurance


Claims Processing in Insurance
Insurance companies utilize IDP to automate the extraction and validation of data from claims forms, expediting the claims process and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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What happy SimFin customers say

about the quality of data extracted by SimFin

"We are using SimFin for our own application. The team is very responsive and data quality is very good."

Client avatar
A. Kuhn
Value Investor

I really enjoy the api experience. Handling the dataframes makes the data manipulation simple and is exactly what I would do if were to aggregate the data from SECEdgar myself. Simfin saves me a few steps.

Customer avatar
Jonathan A.
Financial Analyst

I'm using SimFin for a personal project: predicting stock market returns with machine learning. SimFin has a wealth of data to experiment with and train models on!

Jose Martinez
Jose M.
Principal Research Engineer

Data quality is high, servers are super stable (2-3 days off during my 2 year membership), instant support, incredible price. Absolute no-brainer for me. Thanks so much, enables me to do much better personal investments.

Avatar Client
Sebastian S.
Quant Analyst

SimFin is a great place to get reliable and updated data on the fundamentals. Perfect for anybody that want to do their own analysis of data. Would love to see the Swedish stock market data covered in the future Thank you for a great service

Client avatar
Mikael S.
Private Investor

Simple, easy and flexible way of collecting the data I use for analysis.

Avatar Client
Randall B.
Data Analyst

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Ready to revolutionize your document processing?


Since 2017, SimFin has been a leader in financial data extraction. We've perfected the art of capturing, validation, and classifying data. Now, leverage our advanced AI-driven document processing and structuring techniques for your individual data aggregation endeavors.

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