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GPT-4o Benchmark Results Showing that it is Truly a Next-Generation Model

May 15, 2024 - 5 min
We tested the performance of GPT-4 Omni (model name: gpt-4o) on our finRAG dataset, the results show that this is truly a next generation model that does not seem to have some common issues that previous generation models had, making it possibly the first model suitable for reliable enterprise use.

By Thomas Flassbeck (Twitter | Linkedin) from


The methodology is the same as for our previously published study, we only added the results for GPT-4 Omni (gpt-4o). GPT-4o achieves new highscores on all evaluations and is the first model where the vision capabilities seem to be on par with the text-based processing capabilities:

GPT-4o Benchmark Results for finRAG

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